The Resource God wants you happy : from self-help to God's help, Jonathan Morris

God wants you happy : from self-help to God's help, Jonathan Morris

God wants you happy : from self-help to God's help
God wants you happy
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from self-help to God's help
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Jonathan Morris
"The church has stood silent over the last several years despite a growing divide between New Age-inspired self-help books and traditional Christian spirituality. Christian teachers have dismissed as heterodox, and therefore unimportant, the phenomenal literary success of Eckart Tolle (A New Earth), Rhonda Byrne (The Secret), Deepak Chopra (The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success), Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), and many others like them. Now Fox News analyst Father Jonathan Morris wants to show that people do not need to abandon the church in order to get help for their lives. Father Jonathan uses his reporting skills to reveal why people are seeking counsel in the self-help world, and with his pastoral skills he offers a compassionate and truthful bridge back home from the unsatisfying world of self-help to the simplicity and depth of Christian spirituality. He does not simply dismiss these new age guides. Instead, Morris points out the many seeds of Christian truth hidden behind self-help language. But whereas New Age spirituality fixates on our power to determine our destiny, he invites readers to become pro-active believers, trusters, and lovers of the ultimate Higher Power that will bring great healing and joy to those who follow. In GOD WANTS YOU HAPPY, Father Jonathan proposes a spiritual journey that finds its power in the core principle of the Faith-Hope-Love Cure, or the Divine Cure. The cure will help by moving us (1) away from shallowness by healing our intellect in order to live Faith; (2) away from fear and shame by healing our memory in order to live Hope; and (3) away from self-centeredness by healing our selfish will in order to live Love. By travelling this path we will grow into the flourishing persons God created us to be"--
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God wants you happy
The popular Fox News analyst challenges "new age" self-help experts and demonstrates that there is better, time-tested counsel in the Bible
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.M6737 2011
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from self-help to God's help
from self-help to God's help
Jonathan Morris
God wants you happy
from self-help to Gods help
God wants you happy : from self-help to God's help, Jonathan Morris

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